Support and grants

Diplomatic Representation

The Diplomatic Representation of Flanders stands ready to support Flemish artists. We do this in several ways: promoting exhibitions in our newsletter and via social media, offering a reception at a dance performance, supporting festivals that showcase Flemish artists or bands. We also organise initiatives ourselves, often in cooperation with Flemish partners such as the Flanders Arts Institute, Flanders Literature, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, and the Flanders Architecture Institute

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Subsidies for artists and cultural organisations

The Arts Decree of the Flemish Government offers several grants for artists and companies. For more information in English on the grants and the deadlines for application, please email

Applicants can also also consider Creative Europe. This EU programme is designed to support cultural, creative and audio-visual sectors, via its 7-year subsidy scheme.

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Grants for translations and travel by authors

Flanders Literature helps boost visibility for literature from Flanders across the world, amongst other things by providing financial support to authors and publishers. 

Flanders Literature provides translation grants to publishing houses abroad who publish material by Flemish authors, comic book artists, or illustrators. Specific conditions apply to plays, graphic novels and other illustrated works, as well as poetry. 

Travel costs of authors who travel abroad to promote their translated work can be partially reimbursed by Flanders Literature. 

For more information, please see the following websites:

Translation grants

Travel grants

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Grants for film and tv makers at festivals

Flemish film and TV directors and producers, the majority of whose work is supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Flanders Image, can apply for a grant for participation in film and television festivals abroad. The grant includes both promotion and travel costs. 

More information about different opportunities is available on the following websites:

International grant for tv-series

International grant for films