Studying Dutch in the UK and Ireland

There are various options for studying Dutch in the UK:

Flanders House (London) organises Dutch language lessons for children (4-12 year old) on Saturday mornings. In two different age groups, teachers work on high level learning and improving Dutch language skills as well as engaging with a range of Flemish/Dutch cultural themes and festivities. If you are interested, you can contact teachers Hanne Schulpe ( en Hanne Van Hirtum (

Furthermore, there are several schools where Dutch is taught, and you can also choose to learn Dutch in private. For contact details for schools and private tutors, we refer to the information provided on the webpages (in Dutch) below:

It is also possible to study Dutch at University-level. In addition to language courses, some provide a broader educational programme in Dutch and Low Countries studies that focuses on literature, culture and the history of the Low Countries.

De klaproos - lessen Nederlands voor kinderen in Flanders House